Why Study Abroad in Spain?

Whether you’re interested in spending your fall semester, spring semester, summer, or even a whole year abroad, Spain has a lot to offer the curious student traveler, no matter your area of interest. From Ancient Rome to the Spanish Empire and beyond, Spain’s history and culture come out not only in history books, but in architecture, art, literature, religion, cultural traditions, and more. In fact, Spain is home to 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a fact that underlines the many opportunities this country could offer as your study abroad program of choice. Plus, it’s the home of La Liga, one of the most popular soccer (or fútbol) leagues in the world. So whether you’re a Barça fan, love Real Madrid, or have a different affiliation, if you want to spend your time outside class in a passionate soccer culture, this one’s for you. Spain not only boasts a number of famous cities, full of culture, history, and architectural wonders, but a warm climate and diverse terrain. From mountains to beautiful coastlines, rivers to islands, whether you’re a city dweller, or you’re the type who prefers to spend your time outside the classroom exploring nature, studying abroad in Spain is a great choice.